What is PAYGET?
PayGet is a unique investment platform that differs from a typical project. It is more simple and has transparent financial policies, fully automated and reliable. You will earn 50% profit on the amount of your investment in PayGet.
How to create the account in project PAYGET?
For creating your account in the project PayGet, you need to click the tab “REGISTER” on the main.
Will I receive affiliate fee if I do not have any active deposit?
You can make our company even without own deposit. We have created an affiliate program allows you to make a profit from the deposit you have invited investors in the amount of 10% - 5% - 2%
How to begin making money with PAYGET?
You can earn very easy in PayGet! Refill your account with any amount and get automatic payouts to your e-wallet. Also you can participate in the PayGet affiliate program.
How much can I get if I will invest to PAYGET?
Our company has a simple and reasonable tariff plan + 50% of profit to your deposit after 30 days.
Could I create more than one personal account?
You can create several personal accounts but it is important that none of them should be connected by another through referral links. In case of violation, all accounts can be blocked without recovery.
How can I replenishment of deposits?
In PAYGET you can do it by different ways through that e-payment systems such as Payeer, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin и PerfectMoney. The system is fully automated.
What currency will deposit work?
Your deposit works in that currency which you entered it into your balance.
When and how often is interest accrue?
Accruals of Interest is divided into 3 periods of 10 days: the first 10 days you receive payments every hour (240 payments for 10 days), the next 10 days you get payments every 12 hours (20 payments) and in the end the remaining 10 days of payment will sent to your e-wallet 1 time per day (10 payments)
How fast are payments made at your project?
Payments are made immediately to your specified details in the settings. You don’t need to request payments each time. Funds come automatically. It is important to enter e-wallet numbers in settings at your personal office.
What the minimum amount available for withdrawal?
The amount is determined depending on the investments made. It is not restricted by anything.
Will I get referral benefits if I have no active deposit?
You may not invest your funds and get profit from invited investors according to your affiliate program.
Affiliative fee is accrued on all deposits or only to the first one?
Benefits are accrued on each deposit of the invited member.
Can I enter the deposit via one payment system and withdraw to another?
No, you cannot. You can withdraw funds through that payment system from which money was entered to the project.
Why the payment has not passed automatically?
If you have a button “Withdraw” in a personal office under the icon of the payment system, it means that you do not enter the e-wallet number in the settings. Enter the e-wallet number and click “Withdraw”. Then, all payments will be received automatically.
Why I cannot change my e-wallet details at my personal account?
Otherwise, in case your account is hacked illegal intruders will not change all details. If you need to change details at your personal account, please contact Support. You will be given temporary access to change your data. This has been done for your safety.
What should I do if I forgot my password?
If you have entered wrong password, you will see a link “Forgot the password”. Click the link and restore access to your personal account.